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Computer keyboards

The following pages represent my former research and documentation process into the history of computer keyboard technology, a project that is now terminated far from completion. Although few further changes are expected now, all pages remain subject to change should any new information become available. Any further significant updates may be noted on the updates page. These pages are likely to remain frozen in time, the myriad loose ends indefinitely untied.

Keyboard and switch brands

Keyboard and switch manufacturers

Product-specific keyboards

These are keyboards made specifically for a particular piece of hardware by a manufacturer that did not produce keyboards for customers.

Keyboard brands

The following companies are known for keyboards that they badged, but are not known to have manufactured any keyboards or switches of their own, relying entirely on contract manufacturing and off-the-shelf models.


Switches from the following companies are said to be “keyboard” switches, but as the term “keyboard” was ambiguous in the past, no assumption is being made that they were used in actual data entry keyboards.

Switches from the following companies appear to be suitable for keyboards but have not been proven to have been used as such. They could for example have been used by hobbyists or small scale manufacture.

Component manufacturers


Keyboard and switch-specific ICs such as single-chip encoders and Hall sensors

Switch components







† See defunct unidentifiable

Keyboard technology