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TG3 Electronics



TG3 Electronics, Inc. is an American electronics manufacturer, formed in 1986 and named for its founder, J. Thomas Giles III, who was Cherry’s chief keyboard engineer in the US in the 1980s. TG3 is known in the consumer market for its Déck brand of keyboards.


TG3 bought Oak’s “switch line” in the early 1990s and continued production until the tooling reached end of life. Little else is known about this acquisition.


TG3 took over production in the US of Cherry’s standard B70-4753 model, as can be seen in the following examples:

Other examples:

Product Serial Date Switches Customer part Notes Reference
KBA-A2690B 109731 9341 MX Black 740258503 Only one switch is shown; they are not necessarily all the same. eBay
KBA-S9638B 215720 9618 M8, 6 mm, covered, yellow LED 16580000-B Sadly, as per standard KBDMania practice, the complete unit is not depicted. KBDMania