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Cookie policy

One has to wonder what the European Union anticipated would be the outcome of creating legislation over cookies. It is hard to believe that sites the world over would suddenly repent of tracking all their visitors and switch cookies off, and of course they did not.

The actual outcome was that of sites all adding insult to injury by harrassing their visitors about cookies. Following the introduction of GDPR, the bombardment has worsened as, unlike with cookie warnings that could largely be ignored, sites frequently now block out visitors until they actively take a decision regarding privacy. This move deftly sums up the contempt that companies hold against their visitors.

Telcontar.net does not set cookies for visitors, and it does not use any kind of analytics besides basic statistics (Webalizer). There are also no advertisements, for that matter. This site does not generate money and it does not pay for itself, and that is not a problem: it exists as a service, and there was never any expectation otherwise. Visitors do not have their privacy exploited for monetary return, and consequently they are freed momentarily from the barrage of irritation that so much of the Web now sees fit to hurl at visitors and indeed customers (or in the worst case, effecting an outright ban on EU visitors from a complete refusal to play fair).

(Those people who dislike JavaScript will also be relieved that JavaScript plays only the most minimal role. The site should function perfectly adequately with NoScript active. HTTPS is available for the paranoid, but there is nothing to hide and HTTPS is not pushed on anyone.)