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Photographs from out and about.

Older photographs were taken with a Pentax Optio S5z purchased in September 2005: 5 megapixel, 3× optical zoom (35.6–107 mm equivalent focal length), metal-bodied 83 × 55 × 22 mm.

Newer photographs were taken with a Canon IXUS 285 HS purchased in July 2023: 20 megapixel, 12× optical zoom (25–300 mm equivalent focal length), scarcely any larger at 99.6 × 58 × 22.8 mm. The latter is still small enough to slide into a pocket easily and produces much sharper photographs.

Yes, these are not photographer’s cameras. I’m not a photographer, just an idiot with a camera. I’m not sure what this is really all about, although broadly photography appears to be a substitute for actual companionship, sharing memories with a machine instead of a human being. The IXUS isn’t terrible, but the colour output is weird, it’s prone to bizarre and uncorrectable colour casts and the dynamic range is predictably limited. It was just something to enable me to get viable pylon photos for the power section of the site, without managing to figure out where this is all going, what I should really own and how I should be using it. The Optio S5z had degraded so severely that it needed to be replaced, although I continued using it for far too long, leading to so many ruined photos. One day I may come to rue the quality of all the photos taken on the IXUS almost as much as I rue the years of photos ruined by the Optio, memories of days that I can never re-live. That’s what comes from making decisions alone.



The following sections contain a selection of my walk photography. Most of the 2023 walks were previously published on Imgur under the account thatpylonguy.