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Post boxes in the UK



These pages depict examples of post boxes found in the United Kingdom encountered on my various walks. All examples are from the Home Counties and London only.

This is not a definitive guide or catalogue; see the Letter Box Study Group website for a little bit of extra information. The Colne Valley Postal History Museum Post Box Listing page includes a list of manufacturer names that may help with interpreting difficult-to-read makers’ names.

Please consider all the photographs in this section of the site to be in the public domain.


The era of a postbox can be determined from the royal cypher present. The list below is not complete, with notable absences including the Scottish crown (Scotland is out of walking range) and the rare Edward VIII.


Victoria (VR, 1852–1901)

VR pillar box, Bedford
VR wall box, Wheathampstead

Edward VII

Edward VII (EVIIR, 1901–1910)

EVIIR pillar box, St Albans
EVIIR wall box, Streatley

George V

George V (GR, 1910–1936)

GR pillar box, Hatfield
GR wall box, Codicote

George VI

George VI (GVIR, 1936–1952)

GVIR pillar box, Mill Hill

Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II (EIIR, 1952–2022)

EIIR double pillar box, Wheathampstead
EIIR wall box, Ayot Green


Toppers are knitted/crocheted decorations placed onto post boxes by members of the public.


The following was discovered out walking, and stands in a Bedfordshire front garden. The postal service emblem resists identification.

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Baby pillar box, East Common, Harpenden, 10/07/2021, Coronavirus walk 66.

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Not post boxes

These are not post boxes. Do not put your letters in them, no matter how much their bright red colour may tempt you to do so.

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