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Operating system design notes



The following pages describe briefly ideas for creating a replacement desktop operating system. Some of the principles described stem from discussions with Jennifer Elaan, and thus some of the ideas and nomenclature will be hers. Detailed notes were added to the Cy/VOS wiki, which on investigation appears to have been created in 2004 and gone offline around 2007. There is no proposal here to create Cy/VOS or any other operating system, as society has passed the point of no return; these pages are just shouting into the emptiness.

At present, there is not even a “project” name for this idea. Jenni’s choice of name for her new operating system was Cy/VOS, the Cybernetic Virtual Operating System, and while the notes below describe a system that would be architecturally related to what Cy/VOS was to have become, it is not in any way constrained the the Cy/VOS design goals.

The Cy/VOS wiki contained a vast amount of notes. There is no plan at present to recreate that level of information.