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Far more than you ever wanted to know about computer keyboards.


Overhead power lines; primarily a guide to British electricity pylons.


Photographs from out and about.


Various assorted odds and ends.


Philosophical notes on operating system design.


Worthless junk available to download (7-ade notwithstanding).


The less you know …

Notices for 26th August 2023

Having gone live on Tuesday 26th August 2003, this site is now 20 years old, and I find that I have little to say. For extended periods it was as good as dead, but it’s come back to life in the last few years, first with the massive expansion of the keyboards section and more recently the power section that was introduced on the 26th of July last year. It’s still a lonely pursuit, and maybe it will die again in a while when I run out of pylon material to process.

I am not sure that human society, the climate or my own life will hold up long enough for the site to reach the 30-year mark. There are no provisions to ensure that the site will outlive me, but I am not so sure that this actually matters.

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