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Pylon hunts

Power lines have fascinated me for decades, although I never took on the subject as an interest. During the early Coronavirus walks I remember being disappointed at not seeing pylons anywhere, although as time passed I started coming across them and I was sure to take plenty of photographs of them, along with lower voltage power lines (11 and 33 kV).

A strange pylon in Redbourn caught my attention in July 2021; I wrote to Flash Bristow (founder of the Pylon Appreciation Society), but never heard back (she had already passed away). I the meantime, I started doing my own digging, but it wouldn’t be for another year that I reached the point where I felt ready to begin documenting pylons on my own site. From that point on, I started arranging walks specifically to collect more pylon photographs, for the then-new pylons section of my site. I termed these walks “pylon hunts”. Although I generally thought I knew what I was going to find (from the Open Infrastructure Map and from Google Street View) I was always pleasantly surprised to find more than I expected.

See the guide, glossary and series pages for details on the pylon types and terminology used on these pages. Note also that the official industry term is “tower”, not “pylon”, and I tend to use “tower” on this site.

13. Bedmond, Bricket Wood, 29th July 2023
14. Sindlesham, 12th August 2023
15. Stevenage, 19th August 2023
16. Elstree, 26th August 2023
17. Bedford, 2nd September 2023
18. Hemel Hempstead, 9th September 2023
19. Redbourn, 16th September 2023
20. Sundon Substation, 23rd September 2023
21. Bricket Wood, 7th October 2023
22. Bedford, 14th October 2023
23. Letchmore Heath, 21st October 2023
24. Streatley, 28th October 2023
25. Lye Green Grid, 25th November 2023