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TG3-made B70-4753

This is a US-made Cherry B70-4753 assembled by TG3. The PCB was made in week 8 of 1990, there is an IC dated from week 48 of 1991, and the final assembly is dated to week 19 of 1992.

The complete set of photos is unknown; it was listed at Taobao, possibly under this page. The two images below are the ones UncleFan saved and later sent me. Further photos can be seen at 外设天下 in the 樱桃原厂键盘德国工厂与美国樱桃以及TG3的联系两把M7轴实物图『23日编辑官方资料图』 topic from March 2015, including the TG3 label with the model and manufacturing date, but at least one photo is clearly missing (as shown below).

The space bar switch is a US-made type (likely M5) while the rest of the keys are (assuming no oddities that we cannot observe) German M73 series.

The keycaps appear to be Comptec SA family rather than Cherry 12 mm.

Some additional photos from cherry-jade via UncleFan: