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Taiwan Tai-Hao Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a long-standing Taiwanese keyboard manufacturer. Although the company itself dates back to 1962, their keyboards are known to date back only to the 1980s. Tai-Hao appear to have been involved with the creation of the “four-tab” Alps clone switches; it’s not clear whether Tai-Hao and Himake worked together on this (as they did with the Aruz switches) or whether one type is a copy of the other. There is a patent for these switches, but it cannot be traced to either Tai-Hao or Himake.


Tai-Hao are also widely known as a keycap manufacturer. Tai-Hao were selected as the keycap manufacturer for the backlit PBT keycaps for Input Club’s K-Type keyboard. They also sell keycaps directly to the public from the Tai-Hao Shop. Although they have long produced printed keycaps, Tai-Hao’s appeal is in being a cost-effective double-shot keycap manufacturer. Tai-Hao double-shot keycaps are “OEM profile” in comparison to GMK’s Cherry profile double-shot keycaps.

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