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MCU-based encoders

One model of microcontroller-based encoder is known, DMC60C68A, based around an Intel 80C51. In an unknown catalogue entry, it is described as a “keyboard controller” but it is more likely to be an encoder. The diagram showing how to develop for it indicates that it is pin-compatible with the UM6868A.

No keyboards using this chip are known. There are however keyboards with Daewoo–Appian dual-branded chips. The relationship between Daewoo and Appian is not known.

Discovered Daewoo/Appian examples:

Chip Date Other markings Family Keyboard
Daewoo Appian DMC80C49-0107C 9217 SEJIN SKE-0107C Intel MCS-48 Sejin Electron EAT-1010
Daewoo Appian DMC80C49-009A 9524 ARON HI-TECH Intel MCS-48 KPT KPT-84


All documentation is from The Datasheet Archive.