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United Microelectronics



UMC (United Microelectronics) is a Taiwan-headquartered semiconductor manufacturer.



UM6868 appears to be a mask-programmable microcontroller. No datasheet has been found for it. UM6868 has seen use as a microcontroller-based keyboard encoders. UM6868 may be the underlying chip to Monterey AUM6868.

Examples include:

Chip Date Other codes Keyboard
UM6868-02 6540 BTC H01-A, 1001000620, R823C1 Packard Bell BTC 5131C
UM6868-03 9612 BTC H01-B, 1001000622, ZR831D BTC 5140
UMC UM6868A-0038 9752 FAXC5 Unidentifiable KTX-branded rubber dome over membrane
6868A-10105 9916 ARON CORP., ZOOMⅡ KBD, F2PBO Aron Zoom KB-A106S Mechanical Keyboard

The example in the Aron keyboard is not necessarily a UMC part, as the chip is merely “6868A” instead of “UM6868A”. Other examples of UM6868 chips can be found, but only as surplus parts with no indication of their origin and purpose.