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Celanese Corporation


Celanese Corporation is an American chemicals manufacturer. As Celanese Engineering Resins, they advertised Celanex 2000-2 unreinforced thermoplastic polymer in the 15th of June 1984 issue of Computer Design magazine. Celanex 2000-2 is a type of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), a hard-wearing heat-resistant plastic particularly well suited to computer keycaps, and ideal for dye sublimation legend printing. The advertisement states:

Printed Celanex® keytops eliminate costly, time consuming two-shot molding processing, providing wear resistant, multi-colored lettering capability. These features, combined with outstanding processing characteristics, are why Hewlett-Packard selected Celanex® 2000-2 for the terminal keytops of their HP 150 Touchscreen Personal Computers. Quality demands quality. Celanex® 2000 series thermoplastics offer a unique combination of printability, chemical and wear resistance, dimensional stability, strength, stiffness and surface gloss to withstand the tests of time. In fact, the molding experts at Hewlett-Packard report Celanex® 2000-2’s internal lubricant system facilitates mold release without mold plate-out–maximizing productivity.

The keyboard depicted in the advertisement is identical to keyboard models 46010A and 46011A, except for the lack of moulded HP logo.