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The following pages contain information about keyboards and switches that has not been documented on the wiki; the following links marginally improve the likelihood of the information being found again. Items may be relocated later if a relevant page is created.




Cherry clones

Taiwan Jet Axis

Taiwan jet axis is a well-known type of Cherry MX clone. These switches cannot be placed onto their own page as the manufacturer remains unknown. Ultratec use or at least did use them, and one of their suppliers is or at least was Multivictor Technology Co., Ltd., but as they have only been in business since 1994, and these switches date back at least as far as 1991, the true manufacturer remains unknown.

There are in fact two different types of these switches. The front-back symmetric type (typical) has space for a click leaf. The front-back asymmetric type (with a black plunger) has no click leaf provision, and the switch contacts are more Cherry-like, with a folded leaf spring for the movable contact, instead of the flat leaf.