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Oak Industries



The output from Oak Industries included printed circuit boards, discrete keyboard and calculator switches and full membrane keyboard assemblies. The Oak logo can be found on the PCBs of a number of keyboards, including those of most BBC Microcomputers; this is somewhat misleading as it can lead people to think that Oak made the entire keyboard. (Another PCB manufacturer whose PCBs are branded is Sung Wei, who made many PCBs for Datacomp.)


Oak keyboards and keyboard switches have been produced under a number of Oak brands:

Oak are now Oak-Mitsui. However, the switch division is now owned by Electroswitch. The FTM patent, and the N-key rollover patent for FTM, filed in 1980 and 1981 respectively, passed to Zenith Electronics Corporation in 1989, suggesting that Zenith took over the keyboard division.

TG3 bought Oak’s “switch line” in the early 1990s and continued production until the tooling reached end of life, possibly into the 2000s or 2010s (TG3 did not indicate this clearly). TG3 were not specific about which products they acquired, although they did provide scans of FTM literature.



The following patents are not specific to any switch series; switch patents are documented under the individual switch series pages.

Patent Title Filed Published Notes
US 4792376 Apparatus for the sublimation printing of keyboard caps 1987-07-27 1988-12-20