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Keyboard Hall of Shame


Cortron appear to have various pieces of old keyboard literature in their office, but thus far they have failed to look through any of it. As time passes, they appear to be a complete dead loss.

Creative Labs

Creative are one of two companies who hold the key to understanding the Omron B3K family (as they chose Omron as the manufacturer of their PRES switch), and they are completely unwilling and unhelpful. On the plus side, with onboard audio, I never have to buy any of their stupid sound cards ever again.


Datacomp simply won’t talk to anyone at all. They get another failure point for using the trademark “ALPS” in the name of their switches, and a heap of them for having totally incorrect switch details on their website. Fortunately I was finally able to obtain some Datacomp switches via KBParadise.

Dr. Schneider

Current workplace of Cherry patentee Günter Murmann, who remained totally unresponsive to requests to reach him. Fortunately I was able to reach him in spite of this.

John Honniball

In 2014, I found out that he has the MEI Sabrecoil brochure as well as a MEI keycap brochure. Althoughs he is still around (and reachable by an intermediary) I think at this point I can give up all hope of ever seeing a scan of that brochure.

Edward Walsh

According to his Keyboard and keyswitches at the Apple II, II+, //e page, there are some strange and unusual switches to be found in Apple keyboards. However, the are no photos, and no links to anywhere where you might find one. This is not a big deal in itself, but he is yet another website owner with no contact details (except for posting an actual letter to Germany).


Metadot are one of the stupidest companies I have ever encountered. The idea that their Gamma Zulu switches might have an Omron part number is completely beyond their comprenhension (even after pointing out that the part number is written on the switch). Together with Creative’s obstinance, attempts to understand B3K were wiped out by these miserable companies. (It was not a huge surprise then to subsequently come across this Reddit posting.)


For being totally unresponsive to enquiries, which is particularly frustrating because they were the primary user of the “contact blade small” style switches that remain unproven to be Himake. (They are the only major company who used those switches besides Monterey who are still in business.)

Tyro teQ

Asian supplier Tyro teQ had some rare Alps types listed, but proved to be completely impossible to deal with, and in the end it was never actually clear what parts they really did stock or have access to. A whole load of hassle that ended in failure.

Yamaha UK

I have no idea why the Yamaha UK parts department exists. They don’t sell parts. They don’t help you identify parts. I have no idea what they do and seemingly neither do they.