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ITT has acquired numerous other companies over time, including several switch and keyboard manufacturers. 2000 saw the acquisition of switch maker C&K. In 2007, ITT sold off their entire switch division to form C&K Components, with this new company combining not just C&K but also Rudolf Schadow and Jeanrenaud.

Subsidiaries of interest include the following:

ITT Jennings

ITT Jennings (seemingly acquired by ITT in 1961) advertised at least two series of switches stated to be for keyboards: JTFB and JTFR. These types were possibly intended only for calculators; the historic ambiguity of the word “keyboard” makes this hard to determine.

ITT Datanetics

ITT acquired Californian keyboard manufacturer Datanetics in 1979. ITT operated Datanetics for a brief period of around 1979–1982 until the subsidiary was closed in favour of moving the products that interested them to their existing ITT Schadow subsidiary in Minnesota. The remaining product lines at Datanetics were sold off.

Rudolf Schadow

Rudolf Schadow GmbH was at some point acquired by ITT; they were responsible for the ETL18 keyboard switch.

ITT Schadow

Datanetics’ two lines of mechanical keyboard switches—DC-50 and DC-60—were transferred to ITT Schadow in Minnesota following the closure of ITT Datanetics.


Known keyboard products: