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Datanetics was a keyboard manufacturer from Fountain Valley, California. According to Meryl Miller’s notes, Datanetics was incorporated in 1967, although the Californian business records show that the company was registered in 1963.

Much of the research into Datanetics was made possible through information and parts supplied by co-founder Meryl Miller. Other former staff are all reported to have no interest in talking about their time there.

Michael Muller from Germany served as the company’s design engineer. Around 1979, he left Datanetics to set up The Keyboard Company as a dedicated keyboard manufacturer for Apple, bought by Apple a few years later.


In January 1982, TEC Incorporated announced that it was purchasing DC-70 from Datanetics, as reported in the Arizona Republic newspaper on the 22nd and 29th of January that year.

At some point prior to the middle of February 1982, “certain Datanetics keyboard product lines” were acquired by Ardent Key Tech Corp. Nothing more is known than that single sentence posted to Computerworld, February 15, 1982.


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