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ORtek Technology Inc. is a Taiwanese input peripherals manufacturer founded in 1989. Formerly a prominent source of mechanical keyboards using Alps and Alps clone switches, they have returned to the mechanical keyboard market with the AMK-800 low-profile mechanical keyboard for Macintosh computers.

This page currently exists as a bookmarks page for items missing from the Deskthority wiki. See the Ortek page on the Deskthority wiki on the for their better-known historical products.



MCK-701W and MCK-702W are a pair of keyboard models from Ortek. The FCC ID KJXMCK-701W is registered to Wentek Technology Inc. of Baldwin Park California, which may have been a US subsidiary of Ortek.

These models are curious in that they give the impression of having been manufactured by Acer for Ortek. Whether this is true, or whether Ortek simply copied Acer’s design, cannot be determined. It may be that the same external factory produced both models without any direct involvement between the two brands. The case has the same reverse curve form used with some 631x and 651x models, complete with metal back panel and split feet for two tilt angles. The feet can be seen in an Octek MCK-701W (Octek, not Ortek), which can be compared with the Deskthority wiki page for Acer 6310 series. There are a number of subtle differences, however; the most notable of these is a pair of ridges across the width of the back panel, possibly used for reinforcement, that are not seen on Acer keyboards. The MCK-701W/702W space bar has a curved front, as does the case, but the metal back panel has a simple rectangular shape. The full back panel can be seen in an Aukro listing for Ortek MCK-701W/702W.

The switches do not match those found in Acer 651x keyboards. An Ortek MCK-701W found on Imgur (although the model is not confirmed) seems to be the only instance of the switches being depicted, and they are closer to Monterey than Acer.

The same FCC ID of KJXMCK-701W was used for MCK-600W, as can be seen in an eBay listing for Ortek MCK-600W. This has the same curved space bar, but the case is a simpler shape and the back of the case is plastic instead of metal.