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Reed Relays and Electronics India Limited (RRE) is an Indian component manufacturer, formed in 1971 as a joint venture with British manufacturer FR Electronics. The joint venture ended when FR Electronics left the reed switch market. (Details per the reed Relays And Electronics India Ltd page on the IndiaMART website.)

The exact specifics of FR Electronics’ reed switch manufacturing are unclear, as they no longer exist. It is possible that all switch production took place in India since 1971, or that separate production lines existed in both countries, at least initially.


RKS 80

RKS 80 is a reed switch type that appears to be identical to FR Electronics RSM82. For now, see the RRE RKS 80-1AL page on the Deskthority wiki. RKS 80 is no longer in production.

Cherry MX clone

RRE manufactured a clone of Cherry MX, which is no longer in production. The switch contact style was based on the US design. For now, see the RRE MX clone page on the Deskthority wiki.

This switch is known from a Wyse K/B, PCE INT’L #840362-01 keyboard made in India that contains both Cherry and RRE switches.

RRE were unable to provide any details on thie switch type.