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Keyboard–switch database Keycombo

Keycombo is a database of keyboard–switch combinations together with a record of manufacture dates and PCB codes. The data is collated here as an aid to research into keyboard and switch history.

Unfortunately, some examples have been necessarily entered without any date records, as such information was included in the website post or forum topic in question. As such, these examples give us indications of switch usage, but they do not contribute to timeline reconstruction.

Certain product lines are deliberately excluded:

This database is a work in progress and is still in development.


To contribute to Keycombo, I need a permanent, reliable URL to a page with photographs illustrating the following details for each new keyboard entry:

This URL will be the permanent reference used for the new entry.

Preferably, all dates should be depicted, as some dates may indicate the use of old stock or may turn out not to be date codes at all. Additional details that are optional but useful: serial number, FCC ID, PCB codes, OEM name.

Please contact me with such submissions.



Keyboard entries 291
Latest entry NCR 3299-K440-V001
Brands 155
Switch types 176