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KBK (“keyboard knowledge”) represents the results of my ongoing research into the history of computer keyboards. As extensive as it is, it will never be exhaustive, and readers will always be directed towards other sources of information as necessary. For a number of years, I posted my findings to the Deskthority wiki, and KBK is a continuation of that work. As such, KBK represents only what I have discovered since then (with the help of many others), and I will not be migrating content from the Deskthority wiki to KBK (although I do re-use some of my photographs, all of which are in the public domain).

As nice as it would be to claim that I wrote the book on the subject, this site is not a book either. There is still too much knowledge presently lost and unavailable (even with present-day product lines), and too much knowledge being rewritten, to commit any of this material to print (physically or electronically). One day, we will finally know enough to make that possible, but not today.

All images posted within these pages (with the exception of the reference photos, brand logos and the rogues gallery, or where otherwise noted) are my own work and are released into the public domain.

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Part number schema format

Part number schemas are presented in the following format:


Constant text (e.g. series name) is shown in bold in the schema, and in quotation marks within the definitions
Placeholder items (variable text) are shown in italics in the schema
Optional items are surrounded by parentheses (“brackets”)

Note that this differs from the format introduced to the Deskthority Wiki.