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Membrane keyboards

Various sources claim that Samsung made one of the early Amiga 500 keyboard types. Photographs of these keyboards exist, but none have turned up so far showing any form of branding. These are spring-over-membrane keyboards, where the second spring—the membrane pressure actuator—is a discrete plastic moulding. The return spring is a straightforward coil spring. The plunger design bears some similarity to Key Tronic capacitive keyboards, while the post within the keycap is similar to that of Mitsumi mount, just rectangular instead of square.

The switch design bears a strong resemblance to some of the drawings in the patent suspected to depict Alps KFNR, but not the form taken to be KFNR itself. The Alps design uses a buckling rubber sleeve (“click rubber”) although the patent also shows a dual-spring design.

Photos of an unidentified typewriter keyboard depict the same design of keyboard as that found in Amiga 500 keyboards.

Amiga 500 keyboard

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