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Mitsumi Electric Co. Ltd. (ミツミ電機株式会社) is a Japanese electronics manufacturer. Mitsumi produced most of Commodore’s keyboards, as well as many of Apple’s keyboards. The logo on older products is the word Mitsumi itself, written in katakana: ミツミ (mi-tsu-mi, /mʲi.tsɯᵝ.mʲi/), which can be misread as “SMS”. Note the syllable breaks: “mi-tsu-mi” not “mit-sumi”.

On the 27th of January 2017, Minebea and Mitsumi merged. Minebea is now known as MinebeaMitsumi Inc., and Mitsumi is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of MinebeaMitsumi.



When the Commodore 64 was introduced in 1982, the alternate action switch on its Mitsumi-made keyboard used a PCB for the stationary switch contact and the external connections. This switch is connected by inserting bare wire through holes in the PCB and soldering. These switches can however be used with PCBs, as seen with the Okuma Howa HC 74300 keypad.