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Mitsumi models



Mitsumi type and series names are not yet understood. “K” probably denotes “keyboard”. A final “M” seems to indicate momentary (with mechanical types), suggesting KAA and KCA for the alternate action equivalents, something yet to be confirmed or refuted. A final “T” seems to indicate tactile (again with mechanical types). The middle letter is not distinct, as KCD (membrane over PCB) clashes with KCT (mechanical). The final letter appears not to be universally schematic with the non-mechanical types.

KSD and KCD do suggest a related designation.

Type/series Contact system Feel Related to
KAM Mechanical Linear Unknown alternate action type
KCD Membrane over PCB Linear
KCT Mechanical Tactile Predicted: KCM
KDM Mechanical Linear
KKQ Conductive rubber over PCB Tactile KPQ, KKR
KKR Conductive rubber over PCB Linear KPR, KKQ
KLM Mechanical Linear KLT
KLT Mechanical Tactile KLM
KPQ Conductive rubber over membrane Tactile KKQ, KPR
KPR Conductive rubber over membrane Linear KKR, KPQ
KSD Membrane over PCB Linear KSR
KSR Conductive rubber over PCB Linear KSD


This list is currently OEM products and customer-made products only.

Model number Product
KAM-A66YN Tono Θ-7070
KAM-A70YU Unknown Olympia typewriter
KCD-A56AC Texas Instruments Computer 99/8 tooling sample keyboard (1983-07-27)
KCD-A65YU Commodore SX-64 (ca. 1984–1986)
KCT-A89YC Commodore Amiga 1000
KDM-A70YU Nakajima All typewriter
KKQ-E96YC Commodore Amiga 2000
KKR-A67YC Commodore Plus/4
KLM-E17AC Toshiba PA7354E numeric keypad (green, Cherry MX mount)
KLM-E19YC Toshiba J31TP001 numeric keypad (green, Cherry MX mount)
KSD-A46YN Some Texas Instruments TI-99/4A
KSD-A58AU Some Atari 800
KSR-A66YF Some Commodore VIC-20/VC-20 and most Commodore 64/C64C/C64G (examples)