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George Risk Industries



George Risk Industries (GRI) is an American manufacturer of pushbutton switches, keyboards, keypads and proximity sensors, founded in Kimball, NE by George Risk in 1966. While GRI still advertise most of their keyboard and switch range, they no longer have any staff decided to keyboard production. The Futaba-made switch types are no longer listed, presumably as supplies have been exhausted after Sejin ceased manufacturing them. (Sejin themselves never respond to queries, and Futaba appear to have retained no records on their switches, possibly due to having previously transferred manufacture to former partner Sejin.)

GRI reed keyboards are among the rarest in the industry, with several switch types having never been observed at all.



In 2017, Peter Pharaoh from Chaldon International, formerly an international GRI distributor based in the United Kingdom, arranged for me to receive a copy of the GRI catalogue. The document is entirely undated; it is noted as “2017” simply because it cannot be any more recent than this date, although it contains details of products that must have gone end of life years prior. The catalogue contains many of the same products as the website, but it contains details of switch types that the website no longer lists (KBM and KBM-LP) and never listed (KBR). The document is divided into three parts due to scanning limitations, and the cover sheet was too wide to scan fully (some of what was over the scanner glass was also omitted).