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George Risk Industries Series KBLP



GRI Series KBLP is a series of lower-profile reed switches, that are 1.375″ from base to keycap centre. While most GRI reed switches are cylindrical, these are approximately square in section. They are still secured with a nut onto a threaded leg.

KBLP supports single and double-pole operation and incandescent lamp illumination, and the lifetime is 50 million, the same as for Series KB. Normally-closed contacts are only available in the form of SPDT, unlike with KB.

The first confirmed mention of KBLP is from Electronic Engineers Master 1985–86. The date of introduction is not yet known.

In February 2022, George Risk noted that KB and KBLP switches are still manufactured.

Product range

SPST-NC, DPST-NC and DPST-NO-NC types are not available, thus the list of permitted configurations is only half that of KB. Sloped switches are also not offered. The part number schema is otherwise the same as that for KB:


Series name
Switch type: 01 = SPST-NO, 03 = DPST-NO, 05 = SPDT-BM
Keycap type (where keycap supplied): one to three letters, e.g. J, GM, NNN; see catalogue for details
Lamp voltage, or absence of lamp or socket (see below; usually omitted if there is no lamp socket)
Force: 01 = 2.5 oz (71 gf), 02 = 4.0 oz (113 gf), 03 = 6.0 oz (170 gf)
Keycap colour (where keycap supplied): two to four position alphanumeric, e.g. 09 (white), 11A (fire engine red), 17AL (illuminated canary yellow)
Flat angle; it is unlikely that this would ever be printed on a switch as sloped switches do not exist in KBLP


SPDT-BM (05), 5 V lamp (5.0), 4.0 oz actuation (02), no keycap (Mara Industrial listing, with manufacture date September 1999)