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Fort Electronic Products



Fort Electronic Products, Inc. (misspelled as “Port Electronics Products” in Electronics magazine) was a seemingly very short-lived American manufacturer from Beverly, Massachusetts. According to Massachusetts state records, the company was founded on the 26th of November 1969, and on the 31st of August 1970 it was renamed to FEP Associates, Inc. The company was then dissolved on the 11th of August 1971—shortly after the advertisements below were published—at or by the Supreme Judicial Court, Suffolk County, with a note of “#71-I” (albeit unclear). This is the extent of the available records, other than that their address was 13 Wellesley Road, Danvers (Danvers and Beverly are directly adjacent towns).

At this point, there is no indication of whether any of their products ever sold.



Fero-Snap™ is a type of “ferrite key switch”, with a single moving part that “opens and closes a magnetic path, generating code at the key by transformer action.” It would seem to be some variant of ferrite core switch. A tiny photograph is included in each advertisement, but no implementation details are given or depicted. Although listed as a registered trademark, there is at present no record of such a trademark.


FS-300 is a keyboard model or series, based on Fero-Snap switches. It was advertised as having only 50 milliamps of power consumption at 5 V for an 88-key keyboard. The complete keyboard is shown in the advertisements, but the illustrations are too small to be able to make out any useful details.