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The following references are to documents that apply to multiple pages.

The scan of the 1979 Focus on Keyboards article was supplied by the Computer History Museum, while the 1976 and 1972 Focus on Keyboards scans were supplied by the Linda Hall Library. All three articles are made available here with the kind permission of Electronic Design magazine. (The 1972 article has since been replaced with the Bitsavers scan as their edition was in pristine condition and their scanning is of a higher quality.)

The Manual Input Devices article was scanned for the Internet Archive; the original document was 600 DPI, at 197 MB for 11 pages; the version here has been reduced to 300 DPI to make it manageable at no cost to legibility (at 600 DPI it is painfully slow to scroll through even on a brand new 10th generation Core i7 CPU). Sadly this has stripped the document of its OCR content; for that, please refer to the original document.

The Users’ choice is name of keyboard game article was scanned by Bitsavers.

Manual Input Devices
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Users’ choice is name of keyboard game
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Focus on Keyboards
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Focus on Keyboards
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Focus on Keyboards
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