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Korea Certification

The rear labels and boxes of some keyboards provide information relating to Korea Certification (KCC). This information provides additional insight into the manufacturing details of keyboards.

Translation is provided by Google unless otherwise noted: I do not speak Korean!

Section Korean Translation
Headings 명칭/모델명 Name/model
인증번호 Certification number
인증을받은자의상호 This one is confusing, but for our purposes it appears to indicate the first-level OEM:
“Cross-party certified” (Google)
“The mutual authentication” (Babylon)
“Certified interoperability of” (Microsoft)
인증받은자의상호 This is a variant of the above:
“Cross-party certified” (Google)
“Authentication of a person who receives mutual” (Babylon)
“The reciprocal of the certified” (Microsoft)
제조년월일 Date of manufacture (see below for non-date examples)
제조자/제조국, or
Manufacturer/country (see below for countries)
Date 참조일련번호레이블 See the serial number label
별도표기 Otherwise indicated
Country 중국 China


Dell KB522 (Logitech)
Dell KB212-B (Primax KB4021)
Dell RT7D50 (OEM is NMB, but subcontracted to Minebea’s wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Shunding Technologies Ltd.)