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Poly-Flex Circuits

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Poly-Flex Circuits was an American manufacturer of flexible printed circuits (FPCs). Currently, little is known about their operations. British engineer Keith Jones joined Poly-Flex Circuits around 1991 to build an FPC production facility in Rhode Island. With virtually unlimited investment, the resulting production line was (according to Keith) the world’s fastest at 1400 sheets per hour, with 200 or 250 failures per million, down from 10% scrap from the previous machinery. In contrast, the replacement production line that he had previously set up at Cherry in the late 1980s was turning out 450 sheets per hour, and reduced Cherry’s membrane scrap rate from 30% to 10%, the best that was achievable within the limits of Cherry’s budget at the time.

Poly-Flex had a UK operation called Keytech located in Newcastle.


The following keyboards have been encountered with Poly-Flex Circuits membranes: