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IEVT—Inštitut za Elektroniko in Vakuumsko Tehniko (Institute for Electronics and Vacuum Technology)—was a Yugoslavian organisation based in Ljubljana. IEVT was still around following the breakup of Yugoslavia.

A group of IEVT staff founded Tipro, somewhere around 1985. Initially Tipro fell under IEVT’s umbrella, as can be seen on the IEVT switches and keycaps brochure that was amended to include both IEVT’s and Tipro’s logos. Following Slovenia’s indepedence, Tipro was registered afresh as a conventional business.


Some details about their switches can be observed in an IEVT switch and keycaps flyer. This brochure was retained after Tipro was formed.



IEVT also produced at least two keycap series, Y and Z.