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IEVT/Tipro Series TC



“Tipka s hermetičnim kontaktnikom Serije TC” (Series TC hermetic contact keyswitch) is a series of keyboard switches originated at IEVT and continued by Tipro until the latter organisation discontinued them in favour of Cherry MX. Series TC is presumably a reed switch series. The switch body is fairly tall, suggesting that the reed capsule is mounted vertically within the switch.

Series TC switches accept Series Y keycaps.


The following models are listed in the IEVT/Tipro switches and keycaps brochure. A suffix of “/10” (e.g. TC 1A/10) denotes a 10° keystem, which results in a switch with an overall 1 mm taller plunger to provide clearance for the angled keycap.

The details below carry the caveat that they may be mistranslated or misunderstood.

Model Configuration and behaviour
TC 1A SPST-NO momentary
TC 2A DPST-NO momentary
TC 1B SPST-NC momentary
TC 2B DPST-NC momentary
TC 1C SPST-NO alternate action


The specifications below are the correct figures, but the headings may be subject to misinterpretation of the original Croatian and Slovakian text.

Total travel 5.5 mm
Pretravel 3.3±0.3 mm
Hysteresis 1.2 mm
Operating force 80±20 cN
Operating temperature −10 to +80 °C
Bounce time < 2 ms
Rated life > 20 × 10⁶ cycles
Operating power < 5 VA
Voltage < 100 V DC
Current (breaking) < 150 mA
Contact resistance < 300 mΩ


Series TC has yet to be encountered in any form. The only known photograph is from the cover of the IEVT/Tipro switches and keycaps brochure.