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IEVT/Tipro keycaps (series Y and Z)

IEVT and later Tipro provided at least two keycap series. 12 mm tall Serije Y keycaps fit Serije TC and Serije TY switches, while 6 mm tall Serije Z keycaps fit Serije TZ switches.

Both series seemingly offer an identical selection of sizes and legends. The catalogue sizes are 1, 1.5, 2 and 8 units.

Part numbers use the following format:


Series: Y = Serije Y 12 mm standard profile, Z = Serije Z 6 mm low-profile
Width: 10 = 1 unit, 15 = 1.5 units, 20 = 2 units, 80 = 8 units (space bar)
Legend, in the range 000999 and dependent on the keycap width, with partial allocations listed within the ranges of 101–299 single unit, 300–350 for 1.5 unit and 351–399 for 2 unit
Colour: A = white text on black, B = dark brown text on light brown