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IEVT/Tipro Series TY



“Terminalska tipka Serije TY” (Series TY terminal keyswitch) is a mechanical switch with a fairly typical 1980s profile. The switch contacts and overall design are based on SMK JM-0400 Series. Series TY originated at IEVT and continued by Tipro until the latter organisation discontinued them in favour of Cherry MX.

TY switches are branded “IEVT” on the top.

Series TY switches accept Series Y keycaps.


The following models are listed in the IEVT/Tipro switches and keycaps brochure. A suffix of “/10” (e.g. TY 1/10) denotes a 10° keystem.

The details below carry the caveat that they may be mistranslated or misunderstood.

Model Configuration and behaviour
TY 1 SPST-NO momentary
TY 11 DPST-NO momentary
TY 2 SPST-NC momentary
TY 22 DPST-NC momentary
TY 12 DPST-NO+NC momentary
TY 3 SPST-NO alternate action
TY 4 SPST-NO momentary with LED


The specifications below are the correct figures, but the headings may be subject to misinterpretation of the original Croatian and Slovakian text.

Total travel 4 mm (most models)
3 mm (TY 12)
Pretravel 2±0.3 mm
Operating force 80±20 cN
Operating temperature −10 to +80 °C
Bounce time < 2 ms
Rated life > 20 × 10⁶ cycles
Operating power < 5 VA
Voltage < 100 V DC
Current (breaking) < 150 mA
Contact resistance < 300 mΩ


There is only one known example, the keyboard by which IEVT was discovered: