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Keyboard reference photos

The following images are orphans from other websites, such as eBay. I do not hold the copyright for any of the following images. They are placed here to allow them to be used as a reference source for the global keyboard community where no other suitable images are available.

Filco FKB-97S

Original URL: http://www.ebay.com/itm/140919508435 — item no longer listed

Focus FK-1001

Auction: Filco FKB 97s Mechanical Japanese adb Keyboard for Macintosh Alps Mech Working (Seller: retro_shopbox) — pictures no longer load

Dokiu Saver

Notable for being the first known sighting—albeit unconfirmed at the time—of Alps SKCMAT switches, and—at the time of writing—the only known photos of the ultra-elusive pine variant.

Auction: Alps Dokiu Saver Costom Keyboard Tenkeyless 85 Key The Only One in The World (Seller: truesys02) — pictures no longer load

BTC 5369

Notable for vivid cyan sliders.

Auction: Leading Edge at Keyboard Fccid E5X5R5BTC 5339R 0 BTC 5369 Korea (Seller: vintagecomputermuseum) — pictures no longer load