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Tektronix 119-1989-01

This is a US-made Cherry BXNZ-8751 keyboard produced for Tektronix; the complete assembly has Tektronix part number 119-1989-01. The PCB date is week 44 of 1987, and the final assembly date from Cherry appears to be week 48 of 1987, from a serial number that appears to read 8748/59715-XXX.

There are no details for this Tektronix part number, but it appears that it was offered with Tektronix terminal models 4205, 4207, 4208 and 4209.

This item is listed on Taobao Idle Fish as 樱桃8477 cherry 老键盘 古董键盘 and the photos are archived here for reference. (The switches photo was provided to UncleFan directly on request.)

Space bar uses a switch marked with a red dot, which indicates that this practice continued at Cherry Electrical Products until at least 1987 (instead of adopting the keystem colours from Germany) and this was around the end of keyboard manufacturing at Cherry in the United States. The switches are fitted with diodes.