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Random weirdness

Playing about with the menu toolbar in Access (as one does) and having turned it into a floating toolbar, I discovered a strange icon on the title bar which opened an Add or Remove Buttons menu. Clicking which, crashed the menu bar. So then I was stuck with a dead menu on the screen:

The menu bar did come back to life eventually but the Add or Remove buttons menu never went away; here I have opened it again and you can see the previous one still visible underneath:

Go away!!

Previously, I was running only Access runtime instead of the full Access, which here has flooded out my taskbar with meaningless, duplicate buttons. Again. Then it all crashed. Again.

The next screenshot is the classic picture from macfemme that spawned my HTML rendering in Adium page:

The ping times in the next picture are a tad long:

The next screenshot is a classic. Windows has decided in its infinite wisdom that “Buddy List” is a program. Buddy List is not a program. gaim is a program. Buddy List is a window in that program. Can’t Windows even look up the name of a program?

The following picture from silvestrij shows a rather aloof Finder icon in Mac OS X. I don’t think it wants to play.

I am not sure what happened in the next screenshot, but Access has decided that all records on the system are hereby deleted. Excellent. Just what I love to hear. So does that mean I can go home early?

As I was closing Excel one day, this came up:

and just sat in the corner of the screen. What application? Can’t you even tell me that much? Not that I was doing anything with any other application that I know of. It might help to understand that OLE is now another name for COM/ActiveX.

Finally, to help poor old DOS applications cope, the Windows NT command line drops into path compatiblity (8.3) mode. But why does that affect me when I am completely done with the DOS application?

I suppose it would help if Notepad could understand multiple files on its command line, or I had a decent editor installed.