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Random weirdness page 9

The Juno Download music store has introduced a new genre of electronic music: Perl:

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(Believed by some to be a thinly disguised attempt at selling canned line noise.)

The following error was on someone’s PC during logout; it’s not entirely clear which process was responsible!

This error speaks for itself:

From David Joffe, the Recycle Bin on his new laptop ended up corrupt before too long. It’s a little concerning that such an issue should even be possible, but the Recycle Bin is not integrated into the file system as it should be:

While trying to name a LaserJet 1010–series printer with a name already in use (not intentional, trust me), the following delightfully verbose and helpful message appeared:

This error appeared when trying to configure a LaserJet 2420:

Definitely not a joke, as it was immediately followed by this mess:

Another case of missing string table entries in an Apple product for Windows:

The final screenshots on this page are all from David Joffe. Putting aside all debate about file locking in Windows in the first place, I don’t imagine that the following list of processes was terribly helpful to David:

Nor was the following list of possible connection types in the New Connection Wizard:

Finally, during this PostgreSQL installation, the following message w……… (no carrier)