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Random weirdness page 6

Being a release candidate (3.6RC2) this version of FlashFXP doesn’t quite count as fair game but, what is it doing?

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Randomly-occurring, strange bugs like this are quite common in most software (except Photoshop), which is ultimately worrying.

I blamed the next bug on LAME but it’s a fundamental bug with the Windows console, along with the one where, if you maximise it and then minimise and restore it, it crawls up the screen.

Something triggers the console window to repeat a line badly when you use path autocompletion:

Each time you press tab, you get another repeated line:

I had a better image showing this bug, but it’s disappeared, and the problem is hard to reproduce.

Mr Anonymous sends me the following screenshot, of a crash in modo:

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The Opera Web browser ships with a BitTorrent client. The first time I saw it, it did something odd:

For some reason, every time I tried to select another window via the taskbar, the window would fail to appear, and get stuck flashing its taskbar button:

The above animation is a reconstruction based on a series of screenshots I took at the time.

From Mr Anonymous, you won’t get very far trying to do owt with port zero:

I love it when the computer loses track of what’s going on: if the computer has no idea, then I certainly won’t.

The developer of iCab insists that he uses perfectly normal Save dialog boxes in iCab, so therefore it must be Apple’s fault that, for some reason, you can resize his: