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Random weirdness page 4

A-Dock is my (mostly!) trusty dock for Mac OS 9. However, even A-Dock has its bad days, with a stuck button:

The following screenshot from dragonman, of Adium playing the Blame Gaim:

HTML and CSS between them define two uses for em: the emphasis tag and a typographical unit. Here, BBEdit 7 fails to differentiate the two in its syntax highlighting:

The following is the curious way that BBEdit deals with running out of memory; I would hope that they have a contigency for when the starup disc is non-writable (e.g. network, CD):

When waking up my office computer from hibernation each morning, I would often get this helpful dialog from the scanner software:

The scanner itself seemed not to like the computer being hibernated, and might decline to work until I rebooted. More likely to be the fault of Windows though.

Here, the 9.1 Finder has crashed and been restarted:

I am not sure, however, what it thinks I might have done with the Unicode converter, since I’d not touched it. Worse, since the Finder has no Unicode support anyway, exactly why would it need it?

Firesnake’s and my Web host, ICDSoft, botched up something at their Hong Kong site temporarily, causing her site’s front page to be mistaken for a file to be downloaded. No matter how many times I clicked the link to her front page, Firefox would not check the content type for that address again even when I proved it had been rectified. I know Firefox has screwed-up caching, but normally it fails to cache all your images, and since when do browsers cache just content types of items you never actually downloaded?

Ah, GraphicConverter 5.9.1 … This window is the batch file rename dialog:

The pop-up menu at the top-left is where you save and restore batch rename settings. The Save button does not let you save a new settings set, you have to open the pop-up menu for that:

Thus, with no sets saved, instead of the menu being disabled, it shows a null entry of a hyphen. However, if you open the pop-up menu and then exit it without making any changes, this absurd error appears:

Supposing you do save a settings set, and then use the pop-up menu to delete it again. The pop-up menu reverts to showing that null hyphen, but the Save button remains available, allowing you save the set. Only this time, it saves it to the hyphen entry (!), which when you re-open the menu, is shown simply as a separator:

From what we can tell, a string beginning with a hyphen is how the Macintosh internally represents menu separators, which means that any file beginning hyphen cannot be selected from A-Dock’s volume browser menus…

While I am picking on GraphicConverter, this message appears when it is not running and you tell the Finder to print a file whose creator code is GraphicConverter:

There is no error here, but I bet your face would be as blank as mine if that popped up on you.

In revenge, though, GraphicConverter just crashed the Mac so hard that it could not even be reset from the keyboard.