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Random weirdness page 2

I wanted to take a screenshot of the following menu to show a system that supports scroll bars on pull-down menus:

But after dismissing the screenshot dialog, something seemed to be missing:

It turned out that pressing ctrl-fn-S in any OPL application (so most Psion software effectively) causes it to instantly lock up. When trying to take a screenshot (ctrl-shift-fn-S) the shift key hadn’t fired and the app had died. D’oh. On switching program and back, the lack of redraw was complete:

(The middle screenshot is from a different run, hence the balls having appeared to have moved and the status pane is different. I am professional screenshot photographer and have to pose my corpses properly.)

The following screenshot depicts a weird problem I keep getting: every time I launch Nero InfoTool, Doskey crashes.

Somewhere, I did rig Doskey to assign me a ls=dir macro but I forget where and it is not normally running. I can’t figure out what it’s got to do with InfoTool.

In the next picture, the Internet control panel has decided that all your file type are belong to QuickTime:

Hm, where have all my contact names gone? *checks with A-Dock* ICQ only has 1 k of memory left. Interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

Mac ICQ must be the only program to have ever opened two dialog boxes simultaneously:

Apparently, Windows has just run out of memory:

I think that was obvious from the state of the screen. Seems DOS just swallowed up 800 meg failing to play Magic Carpet. Go Windows go.

The next one is strange. The clipboard got an EOF? How does that work?

Actually the Macintosh Clipboard does appear to live in a file but hey.

Getting weirder, QuickTime Picture Viewer does not cache decoded images to memory and instead re-reads them from file each time a window redraw is needed. Even when the file has been edited and saved to a new size.

Finally, a Windows Explorer search has malfunctioned and some of the listed results are not there. If I try opening one of those files, I get … a DNS error? From my own hard drive?