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Random weirdness page 3

One of my own programs: my developer tool PrefEdit. For some reason, the second Open Recent item is disabled:

I am not sure what I did next (perhaps a test of erasing a file held in Open Recent) but now we have a placeholder. What is it doing?

The next two images show the SwitchIt task switcher program looking confused. After long uptimes, of say a day or so, it starts turning all your icons into that of the same program:

and then multiple times:

I like the Information in the next screenshot. Very calm, very British, no sense that the program is going to die when you click the optimistically titled “Continue” button.

Here, I have convinced Winamp to open a file that is stored in the windows Recycle Bin:

Finally, a weird bug struck Access. (OK no surprises there.) The first, previous and next record buttons are all showing the wrong icons when clicked:

Depending on whether I am on the first or last records, the previous and next record buttons come up with the wrong icon:

I should probably promise to never moan about Excel again…