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Random weirdness page 8

From OzZyLoStHiSMiNd, some component of QuickTime threw up a random and meaningless error when he moved a folder into My Documents on the desktop:

The following error message popped up in the background unexpectedly:

error acgi is a server extension suite CGI that should not have come close to running out of memory (since by this time the Firetrack Web server was barely being touched). Most odd.

I duplicated a file in the Finder, and tried to open it with Photoshop, receiving this bizarre error:

What would the right kind of document look like? Why can I open the original but not the duplicate?

If an Excel document is password-protected, how do you remove the password? I would assume that you simply leave the password field empty, but since some systems take blank passwords, I thought I’d just check to make sure. Too bad Excel thinks that I’m trying to format a cell:

View complete screenshot

(Clicking the help button in the window’s title bar brings up the wrong help page, which wouldn’t even make sense if it brought up the correct page as that is not what that button is for. It’s the control contextual help button.)

I discovered the following service on someone’s computer:

View complete screenshot

Apple should stick to screwing up Macintoshes:

Another program found installed on someone’s computer:

Upgrading Internet Explorer to version 7 has a distinct habit of making the program icon go away:

This may well be due to a conflict with Windows XP Service Pack 3 though, which gets worse as, if you install Internet Explorer 7 after Service Pack 3, Windows Updates don’t work any more. Congratulations.