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Ah, back to the infamous Windows Explorer we go.

Granted, it is variable bitrate, but if you do the maths yourself (file size over music duration) you will see that it works out at approximately 160 kilobits/second. (Winamp reckons 162 but who am I to argue?)

A nice Access runtime error from PhotoSQL:

Zero what? Useful lines of code? The count of times it’s done what I asked? Clearly not the tally of stupid errors:

I cannot remember whether the next error dialog came from Access or Access runtime. Looking at the dialog box is not going to help anyone answer that one.

Always amusing that in an encrypted Access database (MDE) you still get complex debugging errors during runtime:

The following message appeared when I was trying to install Adobe Reader:

I could have said, “Sorry, you need administrative rights” or “Please provide credentials” but no, it said that. Credits for what appears to be extensive, structured error reporting but that doesn’t help your friendly sysadmin. What is a “FEAD” anyhow? It sounds gruesome.

AOL Instant Messenger demonstrating its understanding for path placeholders when opening a mailto link.:

And here is Macintosh AIM showing off how well it understands entitites in the HTML that America Online cherish so much.

For a while I tried the alternative AIMM client, but it wasn’t quite right. For example, asking to see anyone’s profiles would result typically in this:

The following picture is AthenaIRC doing a version check:

To my disbelief, the developer never managed to find the cause of that. Ever.

Next, a successful install of BZflag. Install…?

Finally, from Arne Johannessen: “System error: Error reading from drive E:”

View complete screenshot

That most of you cannot read it, doesn’t lessen the stupidity of a dialog with two identically-named buttons. Or that neither button actually does anything. (Both buttons mean “Cancel”.)