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Nonsense page 2

Have you ever heard of a “double-spaced Unix-style” file?

That icon looks a bit iffy to me too, squire.

Here is ColdFusion Studio with one of Windows’s classic errors:

The following error astounds me. If a program is halted by the operating system, how can it then go on to quit?

Firefox installer: if I click Cancel, will it cancel or will it cancel cancelling?

Something I never thought I would see the likes of iCab perpetrate:

When I first got this next error from a batch rename script, I couldn’t believe my eyes:

Slowly it dawned on me that I wrote the script, and therefore I must have put that in there somewhere. Double d’oh! This was the offending code:

try {
	fileIter.item().name = newname;
} catch (e) { WScript.echo ("fail");

Tremendously useful! The exception in question was a dreaded share violation I believe. Why won’t Windows let me rename open files like the Macintosh does?

Something I didn’t realise at first was that Xavier WER was logged into ICQ long before he was even born.

I guess his Internet and Ultima Online addiction were predicted generations back in his family.

And with an idle time this long, all that idling must make Mr Anonymous the laziest git ever!

Here, I am going about creating a new file type in Windows. I am curious though what file type a “light” is?

While running DirectX diagnostics, the program complains that I am running NetMeeting, only I wasn’t:

Finally, on attempt to open a “scrap” file (the Windows equivalent to clippings on the Macintosh):