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Nonsense page 5

Did Bill Gates not claim that 640,000 errors should be enough for anybody?

The following apparently empty file did indeed print correctly:

Windows alleges that I have just had thirteen successive network disconnections on awaking the computer from hibernation. I certainly didn’t have thirteen network adapters in that computer.

I love how Word 2002 considers the word “misspelt” to be misspelt. It does not even matter whether I select UK English or US “English” spelling. I would like to meet Miss Pelt though:

I received the following error from trying to access the properties of a networked printer:

There I thought that the days of resource shortage died out with Windows 98. Also note the differing model number. Windows printer sharing is a mess.

I love the following suggestion:

Reboot the entire computer? Is that all the help you can offer me?

If you disable sound in EPOC, the Time program shows the following useless error when trying to test an alarm sound:

Thanks to Mirrormere’s Unofficial Revo FAQ for pointing this one out!

The next screenshot comes from File Manager in Windows 3.11 trying to read a Macintosh disc:

Of course the disc is formatted, you wally. You just can’t read it! Even better is what Word 6 had to say:

My whole drive is now invalid? Let it be a warning: Macintosh discs kill your floppy drive!

The following picture shows Explorer being a little confused over its file type definitions:

The following MP3 has travelled back in time from the year LLEC:

Finally, I can see why I don’t have the font that Acrobat Reader is looking for:

But do tell how you planned to “create” the font.