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Nonsense page 6

After reinstalling my palmtop, MBMView declared that I had been using it for over six years without paying:

The cause was the clock being reset to the year 2000. Note that, like with many other dialog boxes on the Psion, the “Continue” button doesn’t. It quits.

I am not sure which architecture Microsoft require for users of Office for Macintosh: Gothic? Islamic? Neoclassical?

Not only is the error message arcane, but also wrong; Mr Anonymous explained that the Word binary was a zero byte file, which is why it would not open. (Why, exactly, I do not know.)

Balloon help turn off!

Progress bars. The one that appears while Mac OS X boots is faked. In 9, the start-up progress bar only gets to just over half-way and then completes. CorelDRAW! 5 exhibits a very common problem, where progress reaches 100%, and just sits there:

After installing an Epson (EPSON) Perfection 1250 scanner, I would receive this dialog if I pressed the Web button on the front of the scanner:

Looks like we’re out of info windows again:

The next one is my fault for not reading the manual, but I am still unclear as to why so many frameworks default to exponential notation:

It’s not even a particularly big number, and the notation has increased the number of characters required to display it.

Here is Internet Explorer to afraid to display a PNG image:

QuickTime has been installed on this PC and has assigned itself the role of handling PNG images. Except that ActiveX is such a security nightmare that you now have to go through a security warning just to get at the image.

3! 2! 1! Lift-off! −1? Hello?