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Nonsense page 4

Here, Task Manager is experiencing double vision:

Windows traditionally operated (and I believe still does operate) a very primitive communication system and the operating system is unable to profile programs’ needs and characteristics. For example, passing multiple files to the command line of a program that only opens one file at a time won’t generally work:

Of course, if Notepad cared it could spawn new instances of itself for each path. Or Windows could learn to tell the difference between single-document and multi-document programs.

Notepad is not a good example as it already cannot tell the difference between fixed and removable drives:

Sadly, seems to be fixed in XP. Notepad’s obsession with removable drives that is.

The next picture shows my old ISP Web-based mail service unable to filter complete nonsense out of the date field of incoming mail.

Curiously, the offending mails were trying to spam me milk bottle covers? I am not familiar with the milk bottle cover fetish.

And here is the mail service deleting an error message:

Outlook Express has a similar problem:

Proof that you can fit 4 gigabytes of memory to a Motorola StarMax 4000/200 Macintosh clone (Motorola would have you believe that 160 MB is the limit):

The text in A-Dock translates to “4 gig of 12 meg available”.

GraphicConverter and the secret life of the 32-bit GIF image:

SoundApp has apparently been playing the following tune for over 8000 minutes. You would think I would have tired of even Moments of Calm part 3 by that long (and it isn’t especially calm).

Finally, when StuffIt Expander in Windows decompresses an archive, it puts an enclosing folder around the archive contents if one was not present. But it then zeroes the date on that folder:

Very useful. (Zeroes, yes. It says 1:00:00 there but in further tests it always comes out 0:00:00! No idea.)