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Nonsense page 3

According to Nero InfoTool, my computer is dead, Jim:

How does about box text actually end up like this?

Apparently KDE objects to me performing gymnastics with URLs:

The screenshot below is the standard Mac OS 9 response to an unreadable CD:

One of the signs of progress will be when computers start to realise that they’re making no sense. I can’t open the Memory control panel (application) because I have no memory left:

So you suggest I resolve it by turning on virtual memory (which is already on!) using the Memory control panel? Good work Sherlock. Good work.

By comparison, showing the completely wrong tooltip is quite mild really:

But how about being online on the Napster service for longer than Napster has been in existence?

The following absurd display of track information comes from Nero Express 6 being unable to handle ID3v2 tags. The track titles are far too long for ID3v1, so ID3v2 was the only logical choice. Instead, Nero resorted to parsing the filenames, but its filename parser is also broken, so it came up with all the nonsense shown below:

This is supposedly because it was looking for artist names in the filenames, but when are artist and track randomly delimited by apostrophes? That was the best bit: splitting of artist and title over apostrophes.

And here is Nero informing me that it is printing …

… something.

I am not sure whether the following is a bug in Mac TCP Watcher or the Open Transport networking stack, but I certainly haven’t been sending packets backwards.

The Mac simply doesn’t understand running for such long uptimes.

Finally, Greycat posted the next one to the Geek Culture forums: Mozilla under HP/UX being stuck as to how to handle text/plain.